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Reynolds and Reynolds

Mission: To be the most admired, customer-driven organization with capable and empowered associates who deliver superior products.
Kettering, Ohio
Calgary, Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta
Toronto, Ontario
Montreal, Quebec
Employees: 4700
Funding: Private, no recent funding

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Q: What opportunities does Reynolds and Reynolds provide for continuing education?

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Reynolds and Reynolds  •
Kettering, Ohio
Chicago, Illinois
Reynolds and Reynolds develops and supports software for...
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What employees at Reynolds and Reynolds think about working there

“Besides the young and generally kind employees, there isn't much positive to say about 'reyrey'. Turnover is very high. Starting pay is low. Managers don't lead but are constantly criticizing. Our products are way behind the industry standard. Overall, Reynolds doesn't seem to make decisions to either support their staff or their customers, and are solely focussed on keeping the illusion of control.”
“Fantastic work environment with managers who are stren but know how to keep you motivated. The rules are strict, but you realize the company is run with military precision. Lots of opportunities to grow within the company because we're constantly acquiring new companies and there are many new roles to fill. Overall, this is a really great place to grow your career. ”
“The core reason I still work at Reynolds is becaue of the opportunity to travel around the country consistently. It's a great pro of working here, but also a huge con. I've sacrificed dozens of relationships with friends and family because I have very little work life balance. I don't really get paid too much and I've been doing the same things with very little development in my role for the last few years. If it weren't for the travel I would have left years ago.”
“If it weren't for the friendly employees and the pretty good work amnemnities, I'd be giving Reynolds a 1 star. Our pay is really low compared to industry standards, and we only get minute increases based on a pool of raises given out yearly by corporate. After working insanely hard to improve some of the processes, breaking through layers and layers of red-tape, I was given the same raise as a year before. I would stay away from Reynolds if you're looking for somewhere to exceed expectations and be rewarded because of it.”
“It's a great place to work if you've just graduated university as they don't really have many requirements to join, but once you've been here for 6-8 months you realize it feels like you're back in school. Heavy micromanagement by the managers, and you're treated not like an equal, but a student who needs to be disciplined and monitored at all times.”

Reynolds and Reynolds Glassdoor Themes

Lack of trust

There's nothing more depressing than coming into work everyday knowing that you'll be scared for your job. I left Reynolds and Reynolds because the middle-management just couldn't seem to focus on what actually mattered for the business. Sign in 5 minutes late, you get brought into the office for a chat. The managers always want to have a say, but they just don't know what's going on.
Reynolds is a pretty big company with many layers of management, and they've worked hard at formulating strict processes to follow in the hopes it would increase efficiency. In reality, all it does is make it more difficult for us to implement any changes for the better of the company. All changes have to go through management, and management is too scared to actually do anything because they're content being where they are.

Bottom-line driven

There are only really two departments that drive Reynolds forward year over year, the engineering team and the sales teams. In the engineering team we're stuck with a ton of different software from a whole host of acquired companies, are tasked with somehow making it work. Our days are spent fixing bugs and updating ancient code, with no time to invest in building for the future.
Personally, I find it impossible to motivate myself when I know I'm not getting compensated fairly for my work. Reynolds is making money hand over fist every year, spending literally billions on acquisitions, but they can't afford their employees an industry average salary?

Good people

Myself and a bunch of friends applied to Reynolds at the same time as we were leaving university. We all got jobs together, and are really happy that we get to bring our friendship into the workplace! So many young and smart people, it's a great community that cares about our local community, and I'm excited to come into work everyday.
I love the team that I'm a part of but I really don't think Reynolds is a great place to work after a year of being here. Management seems to take advantage of our lack of knowledge of how other companies operate, and create this environment that keeps us consistently scared for our jobs. I've seen lots of young people slowly become more and more depressed because of the toxic environment, and I can feel the weight dragging people down.

What do customers say about Reynolds and Reynolds products?

“"We transferred over our dealership to a complete Reynolds and Reynolds package because we realized that we were spending a lot of time on excel and other smaller services doing small work. An employee of mine mentioned that he had worked at a different dealership where they had Reynolds and I decided to give it a try.

If you haven't used software like this before (like I haven't), it can seem really overwhelming trying to get used to it. With a couple visits from a consultant for some training and a few weeks though, I'm already starting to get a solid hand on how it works. The interface is straight forward, and almost all features are drag and drop.

The sales agent sold me on a couple parts, mainly the customer realtionship management softare, and the ignite reporting features that could help us save time with all of reporting. The customer relationship part has really helped our front sales be more focussed on sales and increase our revenue.

The ignite reporting feature really just helps us save time and be more on top of our operations. We can quickly see problems before they become problems because we no longer have to request reports from a ton of different screens, everything is viewable right from a single page."”

What's the training like for new hires?

“Reynolds really focusses on providing comprehensive training for their new hires. They'll fly you down to their headquarters in Ohio where you'll spend up to five weeks learning all the ins and outs of the business. It's a great opportunity to see the beautiful office and be around the executives that drive the business, but more importantly it set you up to know the business and the people you'll be working with.”

How can I be successful at Reynolds and Reynolds?

“If by successful you mean moving up the chain of command, you'll have to be really good at becoming friends with the managers. In my experience I've seen many great sales people be overlooked for promotions, while the managers friends always seem to be fast tracked. If you want to be successful at Reynolds, be prepared to kiss a little butt.”

How would you describe the working atmosphere?

“It's an interesting work atmosphere because there's a mix of the great and terrible. The great is because your co-workers are all young, kind, and smart, and we all go to community events and help out the less fortunate. This helps us build a strong bond, and the work environment is better for it. It can also be very negative though because almost every interaction with management is aggressive and negative. It creates this dynamic where all of us are scared of our managers, and we stick together.”

What is the interview process like at Reynolds and Reynolds? How can I make sure I do well?

“"The interview process for joining the Reynolds team was honestly very weird. They hire a lot of people out of university so they don't really focus on how many years of working experience you have. What they really want to see is if you're smart, trainable, and will fit with the culture.

First you have to apply to a position on any of the sites where there are job openings, peersight, glassdoor, indeed, or their own website. After you get the first initial letter from HR confirming they like your resume, you'll be sent an online aptitude test to check if you fit their general requirements.

After a successful apptitude test, you'l be invited in for an in person proctored apptitude test and interview. This is once again very focussed on IQ and personality, asking a wide range of questions from simple math, to weird questions like 'which of these cities sees the sunset first'. If you're successful with the proctored test you will interview with an HR recruiter through skype.

Once you finish all these steps for your interview for the job at Reynolds, you'll be brought in for an interview with an upper manager, and a last interview with the vice president of recruitment.

The total process to get hired takes about 3-4 weeks, and the in person interviews take about 4 hours. One all this is done you submit a saliva sample for a drug test and you give them the background check info. If you pass the drug test and background check, you'll be asked to join the Reynolds team!"”

How do feel about the future of Reynolds and Reynolds?

I thought the company would be dead a few years after I joined (which was about five years ago now), but it's still chugging along and doing pretty well. I feel we won't really be innovating, but we'll continue to grow through acquisitions and by just having such a solid grasp of marketshare that is hard to take away.

What is the starting pay?

One of the worst things about working at Reynolds and Reynolds is they don't pay us nearly enough for the amount of work we do. Part timers are getting a base of $9 / hr, while full timers are making as low as $26,000 a year. Most jobs cap out at around the $50,000 / yr mark, which usually takes 3-5 years to get to.

What are the company hours and what are the working hours?

We're open from about 7:00 am to 6:00 pm so if you're working anywhere thats customer centric you'll probably be working within that time range. If you're working a sales job you'll also be travelling which means you'll technically be working a lot of hours in a week (if you count travel time).

What's the best thing about working for Reynolds and Reynolds? What did you wish you knew before you started?

“"For me the best thing about Reynolds is the people that I'm surrounded with. I had no idea I could actually be excited to come into work and see all the friends that I'v made in my short time here. If someone had tole me I'd be this close with my colleagues, I would have laughed them off.

But what I wish I knew before I started working here is how you end up becoming close friends with people so quickly. In my case it was because we all bonded over how terrible our management is. They just don't seem to understand business, and they don't seem to understand people.

The work environment can be fun when we're all just working away together, but the moment a manager shows up they want to impose themselves on everyone. Calling people to the office for small mistakes they catch. Or making up mistakes and calling them in anyway. They really just don't seem to be invested in our future or in the companies future."”

About Reynolds and Reynolds

Reynolds and Reynolds is an industryl leading provider of software and business forms for the automative industry. Through offering a complete package of services including everything from customer relationship management systems to data management to consulting, Reynolds and Reynolds can help automative dealerships reduce costs, increase efficiency, and increase profits.

Founded in 1866 by Lucius Reynolds and James Gardner, Reynolds and Reynolds holds its headquarters in Kettering, Ohio. With its original business operations being printing standardized business forms for companies, in the 1960s they began focussing more on developing and marketing digital products. With about $2.2 billion in yearly revenue, Reynolds and Reynolds has expanded its marketshare and product offerings through multiple acquisitions in the last 20 years.

With a large workforce of over 4500 people, and a wide variety of business operations, Reynolds and Reynolds has a many opportunities for careers at the company. The majority of the roles for the company are in the areas of sales, technical support, marketing, and customer service. Reynolds and Reynolds is constantly hiring, with over 1500 job openings posted on glassdoor, 1200 on indeed, and 1000 on their career page.

Positive reviews of employees report enjoying the paid travel, the ok benefits, the great co-workers, the strong amnemnities, and the great opportunities as a new grad. Negative reviews from employees report being frustrated with the high turnover of young employees, the beaurcratic and militaristic work culture, the outdated software, the poor vacation policies, the lack of trust from managers to employees, and the lack of focus on employee and customer well-being.

Values and Beliefs

There are three core focusses driving Reynolds and Reynolds culture and growth as a company.

- Reynolds believes in growth, personal and professional. Reynolds is devoted to ongoing training and development for all new employees, and aims to create an environment that supports advancing your knowledge.

- Reynolds believes in benefits, providing employees with a relaxing work environment and security. Through offering strong general benefits, great perks (like gourmet dining), and indoor facilities, Reynolds and Reynolds focusses on its benefits to provide employees with a positive work environment.

- Reynolds believes in culture, supporting the community and each-other. Reynolds associates are constantly involved in the surrounding communities through charities, volunteer events, and envrionmentally friendly practices.

Interview Questions

Why are you interested in working at Reynolds and Reynolds?

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Tell me about a challenge you've faced?

Why should we hire you?

What are your strengths?


Reynolds and Reynolds has over 150 years of experience in business operations. Founded in 1866, the original Reynolds and Reynolds was a forms printing company, used to provide standardized accounting forms for companies. In 1927, they struck a deal with Chevrolet to have their forms used for all Chevrolet dealers.

Reynolds and Reynolds continued in providing business forms for companies until the 1960's when they acquired a boston-based accounting software developer firm. After the acquisition, Reynolds shifted its focus to a more software based company, reducing their expenditures on their forms side. From this acquisition, Reynolds and Reynolds continued to expand its reach through acquisitions, culminating with the major acquisition of Universal Computer Systems for $2.8 billion in 2006, bringing the company to a 40% market-share in the dealer management systems sector.