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Mission: To elevate the profession of Payroll and Human Resources across the backroom and into the boardroom – where it belongs.
Location: Schaumburg, Illinois
Employees: 2236
Funding: Public Company - Market Cap $3.83 billion

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Paylocity  •
Schaumburg, Illinois
Schaumburg, Illinois
The Sales Administrator will be joining a very ambitious and...
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What employees at Paylocity think about working there

“Paylocity is a fun and friendly environment that is on the road to great success. With high growth there is lots that needs to be done in a short amount of time, be ready to work hard!”
“Paylocity is an amazing company with a great solution! They truly strive to help their customers the best way they can!”
“Paylocity’s benefits are out of this world! Free full gym, fitness/health reimbursement, free fruits and nuts on each floor, monthly game nights with free drinks and food… I landed a dream job.”
“Incredible company with an incredible culture! I can’t say enough positive things about this company. Paylocity has the best culture I have ever seen. Everybody is supportive, helpful and kind and management really wants you to succeed!”
“Paylocity has amazing managers, recruiters, and upper management! From the bottom to the top, everybody shares the same values and goals. It is truly an inspirational workplace!”

Paylocity Glassdoor Themes

Amazing work culture

The managers and employees at Paylocity, from the bottom to the top, all share the same values and goals! I really find it an inspirational workplace!
The top management of Paylocity treats everyone as equals and they really love their employees! Not only are they verbally supportive but they’re also always listening and constantly finding new ways to improve their processes.

Great product within the market

Paylocity is an amazing company and they have one of the best solutions on the market! They really care about the customers and it’s pretty easy to sell when the product practically sells itself!
The upper management at Paylocity is highly engaged and intelligent with a wonderful vision! The software is one of the best in the market for payroll and human capital management, and the reputation is very strong. Working here feels great!

Difficult opportunities for growth

The work environment at Paylocity is fantastic, the teammates are great, the leaders are available and listening, and the work is fun because the product works! The biggest problem is there is no coherent career path that makes sense, and it seems only the favorites are promoted while non-favorites have to work overtime to be recognized at all.
I see lots of comments that Paylocity doesn’t have opportunities for growth but this isn’t true! If you are PATIENT and work extremely hard from the moment you start, while staying committed to learning outside of the scope, you will do great things here!

What are Paylocity’s culture & perks like?

“Paylocity has a very strong benefit and perk system to make sure their employees are always as happy as possible! The list of benefits is nearly endless. First off the 401 plan is well managed and has a good match percentage from the company. The health insurance coverage is great and you have great options for paid vacation time.

Paylocity enables employees to work remote at practically any time, as long as the work gets completed! Not only are employees able to work remote, but they are also engaged with from the company to keep the strong culture Paylocity prides itself in, sending them mugs, t-shirts, and all types of Paylocity swag! Employees are able to work remote at any time, but the office environment of Paylocity is so relaxing and engaging that it’s hard to say no! With access to a completely new and modified gym, providing reimbursements for health and wellness, with all equipment you could possibly need, Paylocity makes it so you can work out at times that are convenient to you and make sure you stay as healthy as you like! With fruits, nuts, and drinks on every floor of the office, not only will you have the opportunity to get the physical exercise you need to stay fit, but you’ll have the food to support a healthy mind and body! Not everything is about fitness, to live a healthy lifestyle you need a balanced lifestyle, and Paylocity hosts monthly game and drinking nights for all employees, creating a very relaxing setting that makes all employees bond with all levels of management! You get to talk with your managers and teams that you don’t always have the time to talk to over free drinks and food!”

What is Paylocitys executive team like?

“Paylocity has a diverse executive team that stays close to the daily operations. Because of the horizontal structure of the company, employees have the ability to contact executives, and they overwhelmingly trust and believe in them!”

What direction do the interviews take at Paylocity?

“The interviews at Paylocity are very centered towards understanding your behavior in different settings. The biggest thing they are looking to screen is for culture fit, so make sure you have stories of previous difficult experiences and how you overcame them.”

What are the Pros and Cons working for Paylocity?

“The overall culture at Paylocity is so positive employees express that they found their dream job. Tons of benefits and a great product that is easy to sell, Paylocity is a fun place to work. With such a high growth, there’s always lots to do so sometimes employees may find it overwhelming, but that can be a pro or a con!”

What are skills that are crucial at Paylocity?

“Paylocity strives to have a workplace with a strong positive atmosphere, so to work here you must be a positive hard working person! Paylocity doesn’t care for the appearances of the employees, tattoos, piercings, purple or pink hair, Paylocity has people from all backgrounds, what matters most is being positive and hardworking! The product is perfectly aligned with the market needs, even with extremely high revenue Paylocity grew 50% from 2016 to 2017! Being in a period of such high growth, its crucial that employees take the time on their own to understand the intricacies of the system they work with. With such high growth, managers aren’t able to micromanage you, and the training process is very hands off. It’s up to your dedication and hardwork to learn the system and make proactive changes. With such a large quantity of work, engaging with your team to create that bond will greatly enhance the experience for all team members. Although Paylocity is a payroll and human capital management system, knowing payroll is not a crucial skill, working here will give you the opportunity to learn about it as you go!”

What kind of career can you get from Paylocity?

Paylocity has a diverse set of potential career opportunities to support their employees growth. From account executives and sales teams, to product managers and human resource consultants, Paylocity is constantly growing and improving their company. Prove yourself as a motivated hardworking employee and the opportunities at Paylocity are endless!

One thing you didn’t know about working for Paylocity.

Paylocity managers tend to favoritize certain employees over others based on their background. Although Paylocitys culture is extremely strong and beneficial, some employees find managers don’t treat employees the same, and often those who are outside the circle are expected to bring intensely higher value.

What’s some advice for applying to Paylocity?

Apply online but also to different locations! Because of the opportunity to work remotely, you do not have to apply to a certain region and deal with their HR manager. Don’t give up if you want to work here and you didn’t click with the first hiring manager, try another!

How is the office environment at Paylocity?

“The office environment at Paylocity is extremely positive because of the value alignment from every single employee, from the bottom to the top. Working at Paylocity, any position can talk to an executive, and you will recognize that everyone, even the executives, share the same values! This creates an office environment where people are motivated to work hard and support the company towards its success. This highly positive work environment is very important because Paylocity is growing so quickly. With extremely high year over year growth, Paylocity hires potential candidates from all backgrounds consistently to make sure they are able to fulfill their clients needs, this means that there’s always work to be done! It may seem overwhelming at first, but the positive support from coworkers helps people integrate into the work hard, play hard environment and meet the company goals.”

About Paylocity

Paylocity’s mission since 1997 has been to elevate the profession of Payroll and Human Resources across the backroom and into the boardroom – where it belongs.

Paylocity, founded in 1997, specializes in payroll and human resource services. Founded by Steve Sarowitz, Paylocity set out to bridge the gap between the two distinct choices in the payroll and human resources landscape at the time, companies had to choose between either service or technology. Paylocity is a true service and technology hybrid, delivering industry-leading software and unmatched customer service.

Paylocity continues to develop and innovate in order to support their clients in all their payroll and human resource needs, helping clients with; payroll, human resources, benefits administration, time & labor management, talent management, and has a proprietary mobile application to boot. Through powerful analytics, robust reporting, intuitive usability and modern functionality, Paylocity enables its clients to increase efficiency and manage workforces effectively.

Paylocity has its headquarters based in Schaumburg, Illinois. With ~1600 employees based in 4 cities, Paylocity grew 50% from 2016-2017. Having its IPO in 2007, Paylocity was able to raise 82$M in funding to support its rapidly scaling busines

Values and Beliefs

Paylocity has always held very strong company values. From its inception, Steve Harowitz focused on making Paylocity a socially responsible company focusing having a strong and positive work culture and create a positive impact on the environment. They recognized that in the history of payroll, the output of paper on the environment had a profoundly negative impact. Steve Harowitz always recognized the importance of environmental protection, working at his previous companies he started initiatives in order to limit their negative impact on the environment. With Paylocity, Steve Harowitz knew that by integrating a cloud-based platform for payroll, they could eliminate the need for paper based payroll – and support the trend of no waste. One of the first initiatives by Steve Harowitz was to create a dedicated internal team to address their environmental sustainability goals, reviewing end to end all of their processes, ensuring they respected environmental regulations and went above and beyond to have environmentally and socially responsible practices. This initiative demonstrates Paylocitys continuous goal of being a socially responsible employer, going out of its way to support the environment it resides in. These initatives extended towards Paylocitys dedication to its employees treating everyone within the company as family. Paylocitys organizational structure is very horizontal. Employees have almost direct access to top level managers, and even the CEO! Paylocity recognized that the best way to make sure the company would succeed, is by listening to the employees that ultimately run the company. This extends to treating everyone at Paylocity, no matter their position, with respect and as one of the family. Paylocity is recognized for its outstanding work environment and culture, receiving very high ratings from current and previous employees on Glassdoor, but like any workplace there will always be problems. That is why Paylocity has direct internal human resource representatives that consistently reach out to employees to ensure they are treated fairly and their expectations are being met.

Interview Questions

The interview process takes from 2-8 weeks on average, and is usually centered on behavioral type questions. Although experience is valuable, what Paylocity looks for in their hires is understanding how they deal with stressful situations and what the underlying motivation for working at Paylocity is.

What motivates you?

What was something groundbreaking and/or innovative that you came up with to achieve success in your current role?

How did you choose your majors and how does that apply to your future goals?

Describe some of the projects you’ve been working on.

What was a stressful situation you dealt with in a previous position?

What is your interest in this position?

What are your salary expectations based on your experience?

Tell me about a time when there was a miscommunication that led to a conflict. How did you work around it and fix it?

Describe an experience where you had to give negative feedback to one of your direct reports.

Describe an experience where you were able to coach and mentor someone towards a goal.


Paylocity was founded in 1997 by Steve Sarowitz when he recognized a gap in the payroll and human resources market. The products and services offered in payroll and human resources were either purely dedicated towards technology or services, no company had merged both effectively. Steve Sarowitz also recognized that payroll and human resources were often discussed in the company’s backrooms because information was not aggregated and strategic decisions on human capital management were hard to make. Paylocity set its mission to change this, bringing payroll and human resources out of the back room and into the board room. Paylocity set out to build a hybrid solution built on an industry-leading, cloud-based platform, and fuse it with an impeccable service team. Paylocity built this cloud-based payroll and human capital management solution to empower companies to drive strategic human capital decision-making. Originally called Ameripay Payroll Ltd., it was renamed Paylocity in Deceber 2005. As the company grew, it changed offices from its original location in Franklin Park, Illinois to Elk Grove Vilage in Illinois, and then to Arlington Heights, Illinois. Paylocities continuous growth, being named as one of the 5000 fastest growing private companies in 2003 and 2004 from Inc. Magazine, attracted key investors from the Adams Street Partners, a private equity firm, that invested in Paylocity in 2005. From this initial investment, Paylocity was able to achieve numerous awards, ranking again as one of the 5000 fastest growing private companies from the years 2007 all the way to 2014. Paylocity was also recognized in the Deloitte Fast 500 as one of the fastest growing technology companies in 2013, 2014, and 2015. After this long stream of success, Paylocity successfully executed an initial public offering (IPO) in March 2014, raising over 82M$. Behind its success, Paylocity focusses very heavily on its employees, receiving multiple awards for being a top company to work for. Recognized from 2008-2015 as 101 Best and Brightest companies to work for, as Rochester’s Top Workplaces in 2015, as one of the Best Places to Work in Illinois from 2013-2015, and as Selling Power’s Best 50 Companies to Sell for in 2016, Paylocity continuously demonstrates its commitment to developing a work atmosphere that is conducive to employee happiness and success.