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Insight Global

Mission: Offer unmatched customer service by developing an in-depth understanding of client needs, providing qualified professionals, and tailoring managed services solutions for large projects, which allows clients to focus on expanding their business and achieving their goals.
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Employees: 6345
Funding: Private Company

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Q: Have you built your values into interviews at Insight Global?

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What employees at Insight Global think about working there

“The work culture is fun, but you have to work really hard.”
“Literally no training when you start. My first week of 'training' was sitting beside someone in the office and watching them work. After that week I was tossed into the heat of it, and didn't get any other training till 6 weeks later.”
“Love the work hard, play harder work environment! If you put in the work, management will recognize and treat you very well!”
“Nothing about working here is positive. Work culture is juvenile, management has no soul, and the amount of hours you have to work is criminal for the pay.”
“If you feel like you might want to take this job, but your gut is telling you no... trust your gut. They will try and sell you on promises of high salary and great benefits, but you will soon realize its all lies and they really don't care about you.”

Insight Global Glassdoor Themes

Aggressive management

I would say the majority of the recruiters are unable to hit the metrics managers ask of them. If you're one of these people, supervisors will constantly be looking over your shoulder and judging your every move. It drove me insane.
I really didn't like how managers would pick favorites. If you were a favorite they would give you better opportunities, but if you weren't, they treated you like an easily replaceable person.

Young company culture

I gained a lot of great friends working at IG, but we had to work too hard, and the stress was too much.
Insight Global is a continuation out of highschool. Young group, still hooked on petty drama, ready to turn on 'friends' back for bonuses at a moments notice.

Poor client realtionships

Client - "I can't say enough negative things about Insight Global. They destroyed my references, lied to me about opportunities to keep me engaged, and were rude whenever I talked to them. Don't understand how they still have people coming to them."
Looking at overall glassdoor reviews you'd think we'd be a good company to work for, until you look at the negative reviews, and you quickly realize that Insight Global doesn't care about their employees, or their clients.

How was your experience working at Insight Global?

“"Let me first start by saying that this is the first review I have ever written online. So no, I am not one of those crazy people who badly rate every product/company I ever come into contact with.

With that being said, if I could describe IG in one word it would be torture. They have everyone start as a recruiter and pay you as little as possible to work as many hours as legally allowed. But of course you're salary based not hourly so if you work 60 hours or 40 hours you're still paid the same, which is not a lot. Once you've been in that role for a couple of months they begin hounding you to get into sales. If you don't want to be in sales, and would prefer to stay recruiting, then they toss you to the side like last night's leftovers. You are hired to go into sales and the second you stray away from their plans for you, you become irrelevant.

Since IG is such a large company, with so many locations, there are many different levels of management. However, upper management holds every office, every recruiter, every account manager, etc across the country to the same standard. Meanwhile upper management doesn't even interact with the offices they manage, they yell at the guy below them, who yells at the guy below him and so on and so forth, until it eventually reaches the office leader. But the top dog doesn't know the culture, and the employees, and they way they learn, and how hard they truly are working. They refuse to acknowledge the fact that newer offices are not going to be as lucrative and successful as offices that have been around for 10+ years. It's common sense that selling in a new territory is much more difficult than selling in a territory where you already have strong relationships. But this is irrelevant to upper management. They are a metric based company and you better meet those metrics if you want to keep your job. If that means faking your productivity, then so be it. But that is a double edged sword. Because when 95% of your office is faking their metrics, then instead of taking a step back and saying "ok what are we doing wrong here?" they take their micromanaging to the extreme. This means spot checking every single person in the office along every single step of the process, to the point where you feel like a kindergarten student who can't be left alone for 2 minutes. And then since you are being checked on constantly, and reamed out if you're not meeting your metrics, you then sneakily fake your numbers in order to save face. It is a vicious endless cycle.

In the short amount of time that I was employed here I saw over 40 people either quit or be fired. One of this company's favorite mottos is "everyone is replaceable". If you don't drink their kool-aid and join into their need for constant belittlement, then you're pushed out the door. The longer you're there the nastier of a person you become. They teach you to be cutthroat, competitive, aggressive, and to push anyone aside that gets in your way. Even if they're your friends and/or colleagues. Time after time I saw people who were once good friends become near enemies over a territory, or a contract, or recruiting someone who they were already working with. After leaving IG (most of the time) those people realize it was the toxic environment that made them dislike one another, not each other's personalities.

They pride themselves in being the "most professional company" when in reality it is high school on steroids. Not even college, but high school. They aren't kidding when they say work hard, party harder. And if you're not into the "party scene" they harass you and make you feel guilty for not wanting to be intoxicated 7 days of the week. A couple times a year they fly you to their corporate location for a "sales conference" which is actually just an excuse to get severely intoxicated on the company's dime for three days. And if you're not one of the "popular people" you can forget about going. Instead you have to stay and work in the sweat shop while your colleagues are getting drunk at the hotel bar in their bathing suits. All this company cares about is money and partying. They don't even try to hide it.

To say they play favorites is an understatement. When promoted into sales your territory is based upon how much your boss likes you. If you're not teacher's pet, you can forget about getting a good territory and thus making money. They talk up about how much money you can make, but the people who are making the money are the ones who were handed projects that would become lucrative, because they were favorites. They coach you to work 60+ hours a week in the office and then also spend every waking moment outside of the office with your coworkers (at parties, happy hours, etc) and so IG thus becomes your life. And since you are spending so much time together, this breeds interoffice relationships (which supposedly is frowned upon but rather they just turn a blind eye to it) which also creates more favoritism.

If you're still reading my rant, please know that 98% of the "positive" posts on here are forced upon current employees by upper management to make them look better to the public. If you are a hard worker and you have any sort of self-dignity, do not work here. It changes who you are as a person, for the worse, and it is hard to find yourself again after being brain washed by their antics."”

Client - How good is Insight Global at getting you a job?

“Insight Global was able to find me a job pretty quickly but I realized after reviewing in my contract that I would not be allowed to sue them. I bet most people don't read the contract but I'll never sign something that takes away my rights.”

Client - How can Insight Global help your company?

“They always have a large roster of candidates that we can hire from, but I would recommend against it. Two of the temps we got through them couldn't stop complaining about their poor business practices.”

Client - What kind of jobs can you get from Insight Global?

“There are opportunities for permanent, consulting, and contract positions. The types of opportunities range from careers as Customer Service Reps to C# Developer. But be wary if they contact you with an opportunity, often times they don't actually have one and their just trying to pad their numbers.”

What is the day to day like at Insight Global?

“"Your day starts early, every recruiter must be in the office at 7:30. I live about 30 minutes away so it usually means I have to get up at 6. If you're even a couple minutes late, your manager will pull you aside and grill you for the reason you're late (hint, usually its because of traffic).

The information system we have to manage our clients is pretty good. We each have our regions and assigned roles, so once the day begins our job is to find candidates and match them with companies. We are measured by our output, so to do well you should drive towards hitting your numbers and not to make the best matches possible.

At lunch we're given an hour, and very often the majority of this lunch break is spent in a mandatory meeting. This meeting has no other purpose other than to call people out who haven't hit their numbers, and to motivate us with fear to work harder. We then only have about 15 minutes to relax, and make sure you don't take any extra time because your manager will grill you again if you're a couple minutes late.

Our day is supposed to end at 5:00, but if you actually try and leave any then you'll get snarky comments from management. Because of this, the majority of us leave at around 5:30, but some stay later. After work you might have time to go home and have lunch, but be prepared to be socially pressured in joining everyone for drinks after! If you don't come for drinks you'll once again get snarky comments from management, and be grilled for the reason why you join (hint, it's because I didn't want to). After an excruciating day to day of being micromanaged by incompetent management, you get home late with the knowledge that the next day will be the exact same.

In the end, your days at Insight Global are filled with worrying for your job for absolutely every reason imagineable. It's a prison for new graduates that sucks you in on false promises."”

What opportunities for career advancement are there at Insight Global?

The good thing about Insight Global is that no-one starts at a higher position than recruiter. The only way to progress in your career is if you hit your numbers.

What will I be doing at Insight Global?

Your day to day as a recruiter at Insight Global will be cold calls and interviews. Constantly pushing, aggressively selling to potential candidates the fake opportunities at Insight Global, and selling your soul for profit.

How can I make sure I succeed at Insight Global?

To succeed you have to work extremely hard and distance yourself from the people you're supposed to help. Stay ruthless and motivated.

Where do you see Insight Global in 3 years?

“"Unfortunately I see Insight Global as still being relevant. Insight Global is run based off of three different themes. They need recruiters to be able to find job seekers. They need job seekers to be able to match with companies. And they need companies to be able to match their talent. These are the three pillars to Insight Global's business, and I don't see them changing in the near future.

The base behind Insight Global's operations is their recruiter staff. The base knowledge to become a recruiter is very minimal, so technically anyone can become a recruiter. To be a successful recruiter you have to work hard and build connections with people. Because Insight Global's model of training is very limited, they don't actually teach recruiters to be good recruiters, they teach them to sell agressively. This pushed down their cost per hire and lets them focus on how to hit their chosen metrics.

To get recruiters to join Insight Global, you need people who don't understand the environment of a traditional workplace. Many people who have had previous jobs and start working at Insight Global believe it to be the worst working conditions they've ever seen. Luckily for Insight Global, there are graduates of universities every year with no work experience and who are hungry for finding a job, so the supply of recruiters will never stop.

The supply of job seekers will never stop either. As finding jobs is always a soul draining task, where information on where to even start looking is unavailable, job seekers will often turn towards agencies for finding work. There are always people who are searching for a job, willing to do anything to pay the bills, and so this demand will always be there.

Lastly, there will always be companies who need technical expertise and roles to be filled for any range of reasons. With Insight Global having very strong PR, they will stay top of mind for companies needing temporary talent until the truth behind their operations is fully revealed.

For these reasons, I really believe that Insight Global will only continue to grow in the forseable future."”

About Insight Global

Insight Global is a national staffing agency that focusses in the fields of Information Technology, Accounting, Finance, and Engineering. They provide hiring and contractual services to Fortune 1000 companies, matching these companies with qualified candidates for full-time, part-time, contractual, or consultant employees.

Founded in 2001, based in Atlange Georgia, Insight Global has grown quickly receiving awards for fastest growing recruitment agency year over year for the last decade. With offices in 43 different regions, IG is recognized as the third largest IT staffing firm in America by Staffing Industry Analysts.

Insight Global has very high ratings on Glass Door, at a current average star rating of 4.2. But beyond the highly positive reviews, many former employees express a highly dysfunctional work environment that takes advantage of recent graduates. With a pure focus towards hitting numbers, and with little to no training, Insight Global

All positions at Insight Global start at the recruitment level. As you hit your metric goals, you have the opportunity to advance your career to new positions such as Sales Manager, Regional Manager, Corporate Recruiter, Account Manager, and more.

Clients of Insight Global report having poor experiences with recruitment agents who aren't professional, and do whatever they can to keep you within their funnel. Reviews from clients of Insight Global will be prefaced with 'Client'.

Values and Beliefs

Since its inception, Insight Global focusses on a structure that promotes from within. This idea has played a critical role in the development of Insight Globals culture that fosters hard work, great customer service, effective responsiveness, and a deep care for everyone who interacts with the company. Insight Global's moto is that with hard work, and persistence, you can achieve anything.

Interview Questions

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Why are you interested in sales?

What motivates you?

Why did you choose your major?

What do you like to do for fun?

How does your experience relate to this position?

Tell me about yourself.


Insight Global, with headquarters based in Atlanta, Georgia, is one of the top fastest growing information technology staffing solutions in North America. Founded in 2001, Insight Global has been in the top 3 for fastest growing recruitment agency for over 5 years. Since its inception, Insight Global has expanded to over 42 different regions in Canada and the U.S.. The company is driving forward to continue along its track of exceptional growth, and continues to gain market share from other staffing agencies year over year. Insight Global now fills more than 33,000 staffing requests every year from a divers range of fortune 1000 companies."