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Mission: To lead in this new era of technology and solve some of the world's most challenging problems.
Location: Armonk, New York
Employees: 570238
Funding: Public Company - Market Cap $134.24 billion

Company Q&A

Q: How does IBM onboard new hires?

“In my specific role, new hires were onboarded with a short 1-2 week theory training class, followed by another 2 week training through shadowing of senior analysts. ”

Q: How does IBM onboard new hires?

“New hires are constantly supervised by mentors.”

Q: In what ways are goals set at IBM?

Q: How does IBM onboard new hires?

“Through proper induction process”

Q: How does IBM onboard new hires?

“New hires are given a training for the first 6 months by a specific team.”
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Team Members

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Ali Muhammad Qazi
Ranjeet Singh
Chun-Wah Chung
Leefung Wu
Mirna Zohiry
Alan Liu
Simran Kaur
Joseph DiGiorno
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Armonk, New York
Victoria, British Columbia
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IBM Salaries

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What employees at IBM think about working there

“I've enjoyed my time at IBM, friendly co-workers, great benefits, and some cool projects. In the end though, they heavy layering of management and the depth of the company made it so any of my recommendations could not be acted upon.”
“Worked on fast paced team and got an opportunity to work from end to end application development”
“I've been given a lot of space and liberty to implement things my own way. The pressure exerted on me by management has been pretty minimal, and I've been able to explore which technologies would be best for my implementations instead of sticking to their strict list.”
“There are benefits to working for a renown company like IBM, such as the reputation and the ability to pretty much work anywhere after, but overall I wish I went to a different tech company. The pay is below industry average, the demand a lot out of you while not paying overtime, and it's an overly political enviornment.”
“Challenging clients and business problems. Very rewarding and great experience across many different industries”

IBM Glassdoor Themes

Great Benefits

I've been working at IBM for four years and have had lots of opportunity to work from home in the past which has been a huge benefit. They seem to discontinuing it in the future but it really depends on the team your a part of.
The offices are very nice with a beautiful open layout. The employees are very diverse and management tries hard to support everyone along their career growth. I've been able to learn a lot working at IBM which is definitely what I value the most out of my job.

Complex layered politics

One of the pros and cons of working for IBM is that they're are many layers of management. This is a pro because it gives us the ability to build relationships with many different people, and gain skills from people who have the skills to share. It's a con because you sometimes feel like you're lost in the huge complexity of the organization.
I've had the opportunity to work with some amazing people here but it can be very difficult to move up and grow within the company. The promotion process is organized by people 4 layers above your manager, who have no direct contat with you at all, and who only have a certain number of promotions they're allowed to give. Just being a good worker isn't enough, you have to somehow connect with these people to have the opportunity to move up, which doesn't support the employees who are actually trying to build great things for the busniness.

Poor office morale

Although you'll have the opportunity to work on some great projects with some really smart people, the overall office morale of people working at IBM is not very positive. There have been some managers who seem to be more focussed on themselves, and with the open office employees working under these managers can often be seen or heard complaining about them. Because of this the negative energy seeps into other teams, and the general office vibe isn't positive.
Layoffs everywhere have us very worried for our future careers at IBM. The current culture is dominated by fear. It does really depend on your specific team, but year over year the engagement surverys are showing that people are generally less engaged at work. Even if the bad morale hasn't hit your team yet, you wonder when it will.

How's the office morale at IBM?

“"Honestly, I've found the office morale to be pretty terrible. In sales, your put on 6 month numbers. If you aren't able to hit your 1st or 2nd number, you're gone. They stopped factoring in how successful you've been in the past, or any of your past experience, and instead are looking only at your ability to support the company in their next quarter.

With this high amount of layoffs happening (and it's not just in sales, but also in strategic areas like cloud, analytics, and Watson), people are scared day to day about the stability of their position. It's hard to stay positive when you're constantly looking over your shoulder wondering if you're next.

Add all this to the fact that we look at the CEO who's receiving huge levels of compensation. It feels as though the company isn't actually aligned with their employees. Engagement surveys are continuously showing lower and lower results which quantifiably shows the decreasing morale."

"Morale is very dependent on which group of people you're working with. All departments differ and are being hit by layoffs differently. Where I work the morale is great, people are learning new tech quickly and we're seeing direct positive impact on our clients."”

How can I apply to IBM?

“You can apply to IBM through their internally hosted job board platform. When you apply to your first job on IBM you'll be asked to set up a user and pass so they can comfirm you're intent. When applying to IBM you're only able to apply to one position at a time, and each position has specific questions. Take time evaluating which position you want to apply to as the turn-around time is usually about 3 weeks, and you'll have to wait to apply to different positions.”

What can I expect as an applicant for IBM?

“As an external applicant you'll be able to track the status of your applications via the IBM candidate portal. You'll have to put in an initial block of time to create a profile so that as you apply to future positions, the applications can be done quicker and IBM can also evaluate if you might be fit for other roles.”

How can I follow up after submitting my resume?

“You can track the status of your application by logging in through the portal. On the landing page click on the link for job submission status. To follow up with someone for your application you will have to externally search for the HR team that would be connected to your position (unless you're applying to a very specific team that lists the point of contact).”

What's the benefit of working for IBM over other top tech companies?

“"There are a few things IBM does better than other top tech companies. First of all I found that you can really take advantage of the benefits. If you're able to work consistently well, the matching IBM does for your 401k is pretty spectacular and adds up over time.

IBM also spans a wide range of different industries. This gives you the opportunity to move very far laterally into different departments if you prove yourself to be a hard worker. I've seen people move from project management, to consulting, to IS implementation. These lateral movement is invaluable when show casing on your resume your ability to learn in different environments.

The other great thing about working for IBM compared to other top technology companies is that they have pretty good work/life balance compared to the industry. It definitely depends on the projects your team have to complete for certain deadlines - but overall if you compare worklife balance at Apple and Microsoft to IBM, IBM does pretty well."”

What can I do to be successful at IBM?

To be successful at IBM you must be able to work collaboratively and have the willingness to learn new skills. Management takes a lot of time to train and support new employees, so keep a blank slate and be willing to put in extra work outside of normal times to align with the teams goals.

Are there remote work opportunities at IBM?

Many of the sales roles are remote, but options really depend on what your manager allows and what the job role entails. Marketing has historically been remote. IBM also has co-location working so you have the opportunity to work at different locations that are affiliated with IBM.

What do people think of IBM's CEO?

In general my co-workers and I think reasonably highly of her. She's definitely better than the average fortune 500 CEO, and has worked hard to set a clear vision for the company (something we're still lacking, but working towards). She's very good at connecting with employees and customers, but we feel some of her strategic decisions have been lacking. In general, there's a lot of pressure from investors to perform well on the stock market. This leads to a general focus on the company financials rather than new technology, the opposite of Amazon, and the new Microsoft.

What benefits does IBM provide?

“"IBM has a very generous 401k plan compared to any other company, matching 100% up to 5% of pay with an automatic 1% contribution. These 401k accounts also have extremely low fees.

There is a very high deductible health plan, where IBM funds health savings account of up to $1600 cash for a family or $800 for an indvidual, while also paying the employees health premium.

The day you start your job you get 15 days vacation plus 12 holidays (of which 5 are floating) for a total of 27 paid days off! Another great benefit is the IBM employee discount program which gets you up to 20% a wide range of products and services connected to IBM. This can get you 20% off cell phone companies, electronics stores, hotels, rental cars."”

About IBM

IBM is an international IT technology and consulting firm. IBM spreads accross a wide range of industries, competing against companies in the computing, consulting CRM, Enterprise Software, Information Services, Information Technology, and Software sectors.

IBM was originally founded in 1911 by Thomas J. Watson. With its headquarters based in Armonk, New York, IBM has grown to be present in over 170 different countries. It is recognized as one of the largest employers in the world with over 380,000 employees with annual revenues exceeding $79 billion.

With over 380,000 employees, it's very difficult to determine the exact environment an employee will be working in. IBM has created a very strong explicit culture based off different philisophical ideals, and has worked hard to create an environment that continues to innovate and support its employees.

Employees who enjoy working for IBM express their love with the opportunity to move and grow vertically and laterally, being surrounded by smart co-workers, a strong benefits package, and the reputation you gain from working at IBM.

Former dissenting employees express their dislike for the below market compensation when compared to other top technology companies, the deep layering of management and distance from decisions, and the overall lack of vision for the company moving into the future.

There are opportunities for careers at IBM in Canada, US, and around the world for entry level and more experienced jobs. With over 5500 job openings, there are opportunities for engineers, sales people, business developers, customer service agents, and managers.

Values and Beliefs

IBM has built a very complex system of values in the last 100 years of operations, but all these values can be summed up under 3 categories. IBMers have a dedication to every client's success, and are thus passionate about building strong, long-lasting client relationships. IBMers make innovations that matter for the world, their forward thinkers who believe reason and science can improve business, society, and the human condition. IBMers are trustworthy and are personally responsible in all relationships, they actively build relationships with all areas of the business built on trust by listening and keeping to their word.

Interview Questions

What do you want to walk away with from this internship?

Why do you want to go into consulting?

Tell us about a time where there was conflict and how you dealt with it.

What are your career goals?

Why would you quit your current job?


IBM was initially founded in 1911 by founder Charles Ranlett Flint. Originally called the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company (CTR), it was renamed International Business Machines in 1924. Thomas John Watson Sr. served as the chairman and CEO for IBM from 1914 all the way to 1956, and developed a company who's culture and technologies were respected world wide. IBM holds the record for the most U.S. generated patents by a business, and with these patents they've revolutionized many industries. IBM is the inventor of the ATM, the PC, the floppy disk, the hard disk drive, the magnetic stripe card, the relational database, the SQL programming language, the UPC barcode, and dynamic random-access memory. In recent history, IBM has shifted to more business markets to increase its quarterly returns on investments, moving into consulting and IS implementation services. Nicknamed Big Blue, IBM has become one of the only 30 companies listed in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, and is one of the world's largest emplyers with nearly 380,000 employees.