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Mission: To be where all people go for video games and technology.
Grapevine, Texas
New York, New York
Toronto, Ontario
San Francisco, California
Boston, Massachusetts
Employees: 23000
Funding: IPO raising $325 million - 2002

Company Q&A

Q: What are the rules around time spent working from home at Gamestop?

Q: How does GameStop onboard new hires?

“They train everyone at the best to the abilities.”

Q: How does Gamestop onboard new hires?

“New hires are monitored by the store manager to make sure they are doing things accurately and correctly”

Q: Do full time employees have a continuous growth budget at Gamestop?

Q: How does GameStop onboard new hires?

“The Store leader and Assistant Store leader are shadowed for several shifts, then new hires are given more and more responsibility as they study the store's rules and regulations. Often many new hires are recently joining the workforce so patience and understanding is often needed.”
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Damonte Perkins
laudenia zuniga
Roberta Tyler
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Gamestop  •
Grapevine, Texas
Grapevine, Texas
Part of the Accounting Services department, the Store Depository...
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Gamestop Salaries

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What employees at Gamestop think about working there

“It can feel nice to be talking about video games through the entire day but after ahile you start to realize that it drains ou fully. When you're work is the same as your play, your days become a blend of the same thing and it gets pretty tiring. It kinda killed my love for video games because I started to attribute games to work.”
“I got this as a part-time highschool job and it's been pretty good. I like that I'm able to just talk about games all day to other people like me and the work itself isn't too crazy (although I've heard some locations are super busy). They're not the best at scheduling hours consistently but they work around my school schedule so that's great.”
“Unbelievable disconnect between what executives think is going on and what is actually going on in each store. I don't feel they've actually played a game in their life, let alone know what products we're selling. Our pay is unbelievably low, we're given chaotic hours, and there's literally no room at all to grow a career here. This is not a good job if you're above the age of 23.”
“If it weren't for the fact that we're pushed to hit daily quotas this would be a dream job. I love that I'm always the first one to know about new game releases, new events, and everything about the video game world. For some reason though we're pushed to upsell pretty much everything to try and hit our daily quota when know that customers don't know or want what we're trying to sell. ”
“Best part about the job is the customers who are nice, engaged, and are fun to talk to, but pretty much everything internal about the company sucks. The job is really dependent on if you have good co-workers. The district managers don't know how to engage with anyone, managers and game advisors alike. ”

Gamestop Glassdoor Themes

Management disconnect

Honestly a rediculous job that preys on the fact that everyone wants to work here in teh gaming communittee so they can turnover people like its nobodies business. As a store manager for a few years I've had to deal with many incompetent district managers and so many stocking issues etc.. Poorly run business all around.
If it weren't for the customers this would be a pretty bad job. There's no trust between the upper management and the retail employees. They keep implementing changes to quotas and adding upsell categories because they're driving hard to push a profit. When we don't hit the quotas we're punished by lower hours because they don't trust that we tried hard enough.

Fun culture

i love that whenever there's a new release or a new event that I'm the first person to know in my friend group. I'm always updating my friends on what's going on in the gaming community so we're always the first people to be playing the best games. It's still a job so it can be tiring but it's fun to do things related to games.
I would definitely recommend this job to any kid who loves video games and is going through highschool and needs a part time job. So many great people coming into the store, it's like you just get to talk with fellow nerds all day about new releases and different games.

Lack of growth

I really like that the work is related to what I love to do on a daily basis so it's hard to really hate this job, but the company seems to try hard at making me hate it. We don't get paid well, district managers come in to the store and are aggressive for no reason, it's honestly not a great place to work unless you love video games like me.
One of the harder jobs I've had and we're really not paid for the amount of work we have to do. I work in one of the busiest locations and had pretty much no training (since we were understaffed on my training days) and then got tossed into having to hit really high sales goals while not getting any comission.

What do customers like most about Gamestop?

“"I've been a customer at Gamestop in the states and EB Games for many years now because I really just like the retail experience of buying games. I remember as a kid going to the store after my haircuts and testing out what new games were on gamecube or ps2, and I loved the feeling of looking around and seeing thousands of games.

The best part about the whole retail experience though is definitely that the people working there are also video game fans. I've gone to my local store almost weekly for years now and I've build a great relationship with some of the guys working there. They really know their stuff about new releases and what games I should be trying, and are constantly recommending me new games they've heard are great.

It's definitely not the most cost effective way to buy games, you can often find different games online for much cheaper, but it's the experience of buying a game in the gamestop atmosphere that I really love. I don't really buy anything else but games from them, so I can't really comment on their other stuff.

One thing that I laugh about with some of the employees though is how bad the return policy is for used games. 'O that game is 1 year old and you bought it for $60, we can buy it back from you for 5 cents.'. I always sell my games online instead of return them to Gamestop."”

How can I get a job at Gamestop?

“Easiest way to get a job at Gamestop is get referred by a friend, or you can just apply online through indeed, glassdoor, or the company website. The tough thing is that there's a lot of nerds like us that want to work here so there's always a backlist of applicants for the positions that need filling.”

How can I make a good wage at Gamestop?

“It will be tough to make an actual liveable wage at Gamestop, it's really only something to do as a part time gig while you're in school or something to supplement your income. If you want to get a good wage you have to go above and beyond at upselling different things that customers don't really need.”

What hours are standard at Gamestop?

“The stores are usually open from about 8 or 9 to anywhere between 6-9 so your hours will generally be in that range. With that said they really like to make us come out for launch parties and sometimes you'll get scheduled for a midnight release with pretty much no incentives.”

What is the environment like working at Gamestop?

“"It's tough to give the environment a complete summary but it pretty much goes like this. Working with the customers and talking about games: absolutely fantastic and makes the day positive. Pretty much everything else about working here: super negative and makes you wonder why you're still working at this god forsaken company. The positive part about the job is that you're constantly talking to people about games and you're always surrounded by the new games and gaming news. If you're a die hard video-game fan like me, this is the job for you. A job for video game lovers! The negative part of the job though is everything to do with the actual job and company. We get paid minimum wage so it's pretty depressing to be think of how little you're making an hour. They only schedule one person on busy days so you make your own environment, as you're surrounded by 40 people trying to buy games while you multitask into a dark corner. What the environment really comes down to is the employees that you'll be working with. If you get lucky and find a group of people who are actually people and like video games, the atmosphere will be pretty positive and the job not too terrible. If you get unlucky though... oh my that's a sad vibe. I recommend going to the store a few times before you actually apply to make sure the employees of that store are kinda cool and present."”

What benefits does Gamestop provide?

If you're a part time employee you don't receive any benefits besides employee discounts, but if you're full time you get a standard or below standard package which has some health, vision, and dental coverage. If you're a manager the company sends you to gaming conventions and will pay for hotels and food which is pretty sweet.

What's your favorite thing about working at Gamestop?

By far the favorite part about working at Gamestop is the people that you get to meet on a daily basis. Pretty much everyone who comes in is a video game fan of one console or another, so you can bond with them over favorite games and genres. You basically just get to constantly be learning and talking about video games with other gamers.

If you were to leave Gamestop, why would that be?

If I were to leave Gamestop it would definitely be because they are forcing us to constantly upsell produts when we know customers don't actually need or want anything that we're offering. It's as if corporate doesn't understand their target audience or the products that they're trying to sell, and just push the pressure on us to try and make the impossible happen.

What would you like Gamestop to change to make it a better workplace?

“"There's a whole host of things that needs to be changed for making Gamestop a good company to work for, but the number one thing is they need to change their focus on numbers. For some reason we're held to insanely high daily and weekly quotas that are literally impossible to meet.

The quotas that we have to hit are very high sales goals that are impossible to meet if every person who came in bought a game and left. What you have to somehow do is convince them to buy more than one game, or to buy our useless warranty program or other random products that no-one in their right mind would want.

What I don't understand is how they can make this such a sales focussed job, but give us no comission at all if we actually end up hitting the sales goals. If we miss the quotas we get punished with worse hours or just no opportunities for raises (and our hourly wage is already dismal).

If Gamestop, instead of punishing us for not hitting our sales quota, incentivized us with comission to hit our quota, the work environment would be infinitely better."”

About Gamestop

Gamestop is a video game, consumer electronics, and wireless services retailer with two major operating segments: video game brands and technology brands. The video games brand has a digital video game distribution site known as knogregate and a consumer electronics marketplace, known as buymytronics. The technology brand hosts companies such as Simply Mac and Cricket Wireless. Through these two branches Gamestop provides customers with the hardware and software needed for gaming and everyday life.

Founded in 1984 by former Harvard Business School classmates James McCurry and Gary Kusin, Gamestop has its headquarters based in Grapevine, Texas. With over 7500 stores, 23000 employees, and yearly revenues of over $8.6 billion, Gamestop is a industry leader for video games, consumer electronics, and entertainment & publishing industries.

There are many jobs and career opportunities to join the Gamestop team, with the majority in the retail sector. Currently there are over 1,600 jobs posted on glassdoor and 750 jobs posted on indeed. The majority of positions are for game advisors, store managers, and cashiers.

Positive reviews from employees report enjoying talking about games on a daily basis, the ease of getting the job, the discount on games, and the nice and nerdy customers. Negative reviews from employees report being frustrated with the heavy focus on hitting daily metrics, the lack of comission, the low base pay, the bad district managers, the lack of upward mobility, and the chaotic changing of hours week by week.

Values and Beliefs

Gamestop has 3 core values that drive the companies success and engagement with employees. These values are at the core of everything that Gamestop does. These 3 core values are:

- Gamestop is passionate about serving others and building great experiences for both the companies customers and employees.

- Gamestop empowers its employees to disrupt oldshool thinking with innovative strategy to create better experiences for customers.

- Gamestop is reponsible for holding everyone accountable to contribute to the long term success of the people and the company.

Interview Questions

Why are you interested in working at Gamestop?

What's your favorite game and why?

What type of games do you like?

How would you handle an upset customer?

Describe your previous work experience.


Gamestop was founded in 1984 by former Harvard Business School Classmates James Mcurry and Gary Kusin. Tracing its routes to Baddage's, a dallas based software retailer, the company was named after baddage and opened its first store in North Park Center in Dallas. The company began focussing on video game sales for the Atari 2600 and then shifted to Nintendo games in 1987. In 1988 they went public, and by 1991 video games were more than two-thirds of Baddage's sales.

After a merger with Software Etc. in 1994, Baddage changed its name to NeoStar Retail Group. NeoStar went through a phase of rapid decline in the 1990's to later be bought out by a founder of Software Etc., Leonard Riggio. In 1999 the Gamestop brand was released, opening 30 stores in strip malls across the states, as well as a website that allowed people to buy video games online.

With this growth the company solidified itself as a gaming store, and was then acquired by Barnes & Noble in 1999 for $215 million. From 2004-2016 the company continued to grow, acquiring EB Games in 2005 for $1.44 billion, expanding to countries around the world. Since the trend of mass online purchasing, Gamestop has been back in the phase of decline, with stocks falling 16% in 2016 and is figuring out how to position itself in this new market landscape.