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Checkout 51

Mission: Help people save money doing groceries
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Employees: 74
Funding: Acquired by News America Marketing

Company Q&A

Q: Does Checkout 51 financially support professional training for full time employees?

Q: Do you actively try to foster a diverse workforce at Checkout 51? How?

Q: Is Checkout 51 willing to sponsor a visa for talent from abroad?

Q: Does Checkout 51 have a paternity leave policy?

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Vitaliy Kondratiev
Mobile Developer
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Checkout 51  •
Toronto, Ontario
Toronto, Ontario
Overview Checkout 51 is one of the top mobile shopping...
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Checkout 51 Salaries

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What employees at Checkout 51 think about working there

“Checkout 51 has good work-life balance for being a quick moving, high growth team. The executives are doing a great job at making sure Checkout 51 stays an independent team able to make innovative product decisiosn even after the acquisition.”
“The industry may seem old and stale, but Checkout 51 is doing a great job of making that the past. Strong company vision to take this company as far as possible.”
“Some of the new changes made after the acquisition have been difficult. Things just are generally a little bit slower, and work seems to be a little more corporate-y. Finance and legal are managed by the head office.”
“The people here are very friendly but I found the environment a little to unprofessional. Unecessary jokes and not the same grindy environment I'm used to at very high growth companies.”
“Beautiful office with a great location, free snacks, lots of activities, and friendly team! The company isn't as fast paced as some of the tech companies I've worked for, but there's a great balance of interesting problems with fun.”

Checkout 51 Glassdoor Themes

Friendly team

A really friendly group of people. Checkout 51 has done a great job at fostering a positive work environment with a beautiful office, great perks (snacks!), and great work-life balance.
Your co-workers are very nice but I found the environment to be a little too unprofessional. Not a culture that's driven for high-growth.

Great product

It's a great team and I like that we're building a simple to use product that helps people save money. In the end though it's not the most revolutionary industry.
A design friendly environment that recognizes the importance of building a visually great product! Super open team who just want to make a great product.

Slower pace

Checkout 51 does a great job at allowing you to balance work and life. Daily standup is at 10:30 and we go home when the work is done at the end of the day. Rarely do we have to work later than 6.
Not the high-growth tech startup I was looking to join. Executives have done a great job at keeping independent after the acquisition, but the culture is a little too lax.

How do customers feel about the product?

“"There are a few great things that make Checkout 51 a great app for everyone to use. They give you the opportunity to make money on your every day purchases, so why wouldn't you want to use it?

Unlike some of its competitors, Checkout 51 doesn't need you to own a smartphone to get money back. Just take a picture of your receipt and upload it to the website. Checkout 51 also lets you shop at any store you like, as their partnerships are with the product companies themselves. You can buy the products from literally any store and get money back.

Some of the complaints for Checkout 51 is that they're currently only in the US and Canada, and you're paid by paper checks (there's no paypal deposit) so you have to wait for the check to come by physical mail.

Checkout 51 is a great make to get some money back on your purchases, but definitely not an alternative income allowing you to work from home. Check out Checkout 51 if you want to save money on groceries!"”

How's the interview process for Checkout 51?

“My experience was good but not great. Was able to meet a lot of the team, they do video instead of voice calls, and the questions they asked were heavily directed towards culture fit. I'd recommend prepping behavioral questions over technical questions.”

What kind of benefits are available working for Checkout 51?

“Checkout 51 has great benefits for a small company. Tuition reimbursement, group RSP, medical & dental insurance, flexible work hours, and free snacks!”

How can I be successful at Checkout 51?

“To be successful here you have to integrate as part of the team. Listen to your co-workers ideas, share your own, and work together at finding and building the best solution. You don't have to work insanely hard to be successful here, you have to work smart.”

What's life been like after the acquisition?

“"The executives have done a great job at keeping Checkout 51 a separate entity, distanced from News America Marketing. The only functions of the business that are run by News America Marketing are the legal & finance departments.

Checkout 51 has stayed independent, and we're able to work on innovative products without fear of interference by NAM, but the company has slowed down a little bit. A lot of the work that the managing staff has been working on is making sure that the acquisition is performed successfully, so they aren't nearly as focussed on the actual company for the moment.

There have definitely been changes. Because of the busy life of management working on integrating the company, their a little harder to reach so it may seem like they're not as engaged in the day to day as they were a couple years ago. With the influx of cash we're also hiring a lot, so a lot of work is being done on onboarding the new employees and giving them the tools to succeed. A short term investment for a long term company benefit.

Even though we've gone through an acquisition, we've still managed to stay an innovative company. Not high pace work environment of an early stage startup anymore, but also not 60+ hour weeks, so there's always tradeoffs." ”

How challenged are you at Checkout 51?

I was slightly dissapointed with the level of difficulty working for Checkout 51. There's a good amount of difficult problems, but the majority aren't too complicated, and the pace of work isn't very intense.

What's the best part about working at Checkout 51?

Best part of working at Checkout 51 is by far the friendly and casual environment. In the middle of Toronto, with a beautiful office, and casual dress-code, Checkout 51 doesn't bring high amounts of stress into your life. It gives you the opportunity to work in a calm environment (something very rare now-days at tech companies) and build your solutions in reasonable timeframes.

How does Checkout 51 make money?

Checkout 51 is able to make revenue through their partnerships with the companies developed by the sales and client delivery teams. By showing these companies what people purchase, they can make better targeted ads and promotions, as well understand market trends.

What's a day like working at Checkout 51?

“"First off, if you're a late riser like me, you'll appreciate how Checkout 51 let's you ease into the day. The day technically starts at 10:30 am with your team standup meeting. This meeting is just a casual checkup where everyone can share what their goals are for the rest of the day. It great to help us stay accountable and focussed for the rest of the day.

During the day you're doing a mix of working with your team and working alone, although it really depends on the team you're on. The office is beautiful so you can walk around, sit comfortably in the hammocks or chairs, and work in a calm and aesthetic environment.

We finish our day at the office when all the work is done for the day. This would rarely exceed 6:00 pm, and is more often than not just 4:30-5:00. There's no pressure to bring your work home with you, just a productive and relaxed approach that says 'get what's reasonable to do in a day done'.

I've made a lot of friends at work here, and with our pretty nice salaries and great location, we're often able to go for drinks and hang out after work! Really like my day-to-day's here, and happy I got the opportunity to find this place."”

About Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is an online portal that gives consumers daily deals and offers on a range of shopping products. A coupon website, by uploading your receipts through their portal, customers can get money back for showing companies what they buy.

Founded in 2012 by founders Andrew McGrath, Pema Hegan, and Noah Godfrey, Checkout 51 has its headquarters in Toronto, Canada. In 2015 Checkout 51 was acquired by News America Marketing for an undisclosed amount. Checkout 51 has grown rapidly after being acquired and now has a staff of over 60.

Positive reviews from employee report enjoying Checkout 51's design friendly environment, flexible and open work culture, product that saves people money, and casual / beautiful office. Negative reviews from employees report being frustrated with a slowing environment post acquisition, a too unprofessional culture, and turbulent growth period.

Checkout 51 is a great opportunity to join a fast growing company, with the stability of a being owned by a larger organization. There are opportunities for careers at Checkout 51 in Product, Development, Marketing, Creative, Sales, Client Delivery, and Support & Operations.

Values and Beliefs

There are 9 core values that drive the positive atmosphere at Checkout 51. Employees are encouraged to work together in an open-concept office. The company is a safe space where you're able to be yourself. Checkout 51 celebrates everything so your accomplishments are recognized. The space is beautiful which helps you work great. They invest in your success through RRSP matching and educational stippends. You're free to eat healthy snacks and drink coffee at any time for free. You're given plenty of vacation tie, extended long-weekends, and flexible hours. They engage with the community at local chairty events. And they have you covered with comprehensive health and dental plans.

Interview Questions

Why do you want to work at Checkout 51?

Why did you start working at your last position?

Tell me about a process that you improved.

What do you like to do on your spare time?

What work environments do you thrive in?


Checkout 51 was founded in 2012 by founders Andrew McGrath, Noah Godrey, and Pema Hegan. The idea for the company was born when the group met, a mix of experience in corporate strategy, advertising for packaged goods, and a building products people love, gave the group a better perspective on the opportunities of partnerships with large companies packaged goods companies, of knowing how to market consumer goods to the global market, and the knowledge of how to make it easy for mass adoption. After rapid success with no reported funding, the company was acquired by News America Marketing for an un-reported amount, 5 years after the companies initial inception.